Food Festivals Galore!

Summer in Tuscany is wonderful, but Autumn and Winter in Tuscany are too! One of the many fantastic bonuses of being in Tuscany in October to December are the wealth of food festivals you can immerse yourself in. Chestnuts, truffles, figs and wine festivals envelope you in the local cuisine, the local traditions and the local community. When I think back on the holidays I have taken in my life, they are mapped in my memory by way of food: the meals I have loved or hated, the new tastes I have discovered,  new combinations of foods I already know, and recipes that I have felt driven to try to recreate at home (usually with little success). Taking a holiday in Tuscany in the Autumn will offer an experience by way of food, an opportunity to pin that week or two of your life to your memory simply by experiencing your location through it’s food.

Try these for starters:

  • Chestnut festival in Caprese Michelangelo–  October 15-16 and 22-23
  • Volterragusto (Truffle market in Volterra), October 22-23, October 29 to November 1st

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